I am Back at it…Blogging Again!

Well, it has been three years since I last blogged, but here I am once again. Miss me?!?! Ha! Those select few of you who are Facebook friends with me have had the pleasure of seeing my deep thought posts without having to ever miss them… lucky you right?! Haha. I had stepped away from the Congenital Heart Defect/Disease (CHD) community (and really putting my life out there) a lot after a bunch of Facebook hoopla that happened like four years ago (long story and it is in the past). I have an anxiety disorder (and OCD) and I am a pretty sensitive person so I think it was all too much for me. I tried picking blogging back up again with starting this blog back in 2014, but I just do not think I was ready to jump back into everything yet.

The past three years so much has happened that I think me stepping away from blogging has been a good thing as everyone needs a break sometimes to revaluate and regroup, but I really have missed it. It is not always easy putting your life out there to the public to see, but I am older now and have come to realize that I could care less what others, especially strangers, think of me. The only opinions that really matter to me are those of my immediate family (husband, mom, brothers, best friend, sister in law, etc.), but even so I still will not change who I am for anyone nor will I beg for someone to like me. This is me and you can like me or not. I enjoy sharing my life experiences as it is therapeutic to me and I feel if my experiences can help even one person than it was worth putting my life out there. I know my old blog that I had from 2009 to 2012 really helped many Congenital Heart Defect/Disease parents which really warms my heart (laurensheart.blogspot.com if anyone is interested in reading my old blog).

My beloved dad, Frank, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly 10 months ago and he is honestly the main reason that has compelled me to start blogging again. He was one of my biggest cheerleaders and loved that I reached out to the CHD community sharing my life experiences and giving hope. He felt like I was a decent writer and that one day I should get back to blogging or even write a book. Since he has passed away I have heard his voice telling me now is a good time to get back to blogging again to share my life experiences…part of my life experiences now include the loss of my dad. Those who know me, know I have been pretty open and honest about sharing things about my dad…the good and bad. My dad loved attention and was scared that he would be forgotten after he was gone, so I am sure he loves that I talk about him. He will never be forgotten as long as I live.

I know many are interested in my life story living with CHD… which is still a bit weird for me as I do not feel my life is that interesting. So… for those who missed hearing from/about me… I am back to blogging! Get excited for some boring stories. Haha. Nawh, I will try to make most seem interesting. Of course, a few you may need Kleenex for as I will be visiting some emotional places in my mind…or maybe it will just be me who will need Kleenex while writing the emotional stuff. Hmm. We will see where my thoughts take me. So…stay tuned!

Heart Hugs,


**Dad, I am finally going to blog again. Thank you for always being one of my biggest cheerleaders. I love and miss you more than you know! You are in my heart forever.**

This is a picture of my dad and I back in the Fall of 2013



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