Congenital Heart Walk and Doing a Q & A video… Need Some Questions

Hello Everyone!

I mentioned back in my CHD journey post that I am one of the Co-Chairs of the Central Texas Congenital Heart Walk.  I wanted to share a bit about what the Congenital Heart Walk is and how I got involved.

I moved to Texas (Central Texas area) in July 2014.  I have been part of the Congenital Heart Defect/Disease (CHD) community for over 9 years and when I moved to Texas I wanted to get involved in the CHD in the area somehow.  A few Heart moms in the area that I knew online even before moving to Texas told me about the Congenital Heart Walk.  I looked into it and saw that the Congenital Heart Walk benefits the two leading national CHD organizations: The Children’s Heart Foundation and The Adult Congenital Heart Association.  I knew both of these organizations well, yet had never heard of their combined efforts doing Congenital Heart Walks.  For the 2015 Walk I just fundraised a bit and went to the walk.  While at the 2015 walk,  I enjoyed it and thought to myself “I would love to get involved in planning the walk or being more involved somehow.”  When the planning for the 2016 started in late 2015, I jumped on board to be a volunteer Walk committee member that helps put the Walk together.  Well, one of the volunteer Co-Chairs ended up stepping down and so I decided to step up as the replacement.  Last year being one of the volunteer Co-Chairs planning a big charity event was lots of hard work and very stressful at times, but it was so very rewarding especially seeing the fruits of your labor come together.  I had a wonderful time at the walk last year and was so proud at how at all came out.  Our small Walk committee really worked so hard and we did an excellent job, in my opinion… especially considering all of us on the committee last year were brand new at planning a charity event like this.  My dad, Frank, was so very proud of everything I did for the walk and even though he could not attend since he lived in Michigan, he helped me raise over $800.  My dad was always very passionate in anything that could benefit me and my future.  I was really not sure I wanted to be part of the Walk planning committee for this walk as the death of my dad was so fresh and my mind (and emotions) have been all over the place…. he died just 3 weeks after last year’s walk.  But I heard my dad’s voice say “do it… if anything for me.”  When I heard that the walk was going to be on May 6, just three days before my dad’s birthday (May 9) and a week before the first anniversary of his death, I felt it was an even clearer sign to do it.  So, I am one of the volunteer Co-Chairs for the Central Texas Congenital Heart Walk again for the second year in a row and I know my dad is so proud of me…  I feel it, I feel his spirit surround me.  I am so proud of myself as well.

*Here is more more information on the Congenital Heart Walks which are held in about 30 locations every year!:

The Congenital Heart Walk (CHW) is a partnership between the two leading national organizations dedicated to fighting Congenital Heart Disease/Defects (CHD): The Children’s Heart Foundation (CHF) and The Adult Congenital Heart Association (ACHA). At the local level, walks are led by committees of passionate volunteers. This year, the walk will take place at more than 30 locations across the country, including right here in Austin. All the money raised from this event goes directly to these two organizations that are solely about raising Congenital Heart Disease/Defect advocacy, education, and most importantly helping fund much needed research for CHD to help find more options and, hopefully, one day a cure. A Congenital Heart Defect/Disease is when someone is born with a structural defect in their heart. About 1 in 100 is born with a CHD. CHDs are the world’s number one birth defect and sadly they kill more kids than all forms of childhood cancers combined. Congenital Heart Defects/Disease is a lifelong illness with no fix or cure. Currently, thanks to organizations like CHF and ACHA more kids with CHD are making it to adulthood yet, the fight never ends and so we must continue to find more options and better care for all ages of CHD Survivors. Unfortunately CHD research and programs are severely underfunded. The Congenital Heart Walk aims to try and correct this problem.

Here is the Congenital Heart Walk website if interested in seeing if there is a Walk location near you:

Me at the 2016 Central Texas Congenital Heart Walk


SO… that leads me to the “Q & A Video” part of my blog post.  Well, I started a fundraising challenge this year via my Facebook page asking my friends and family to help me reach my Congenital Heart Walk fundraising goal this year of $300 and if that goal was reached, then I would make a video of me dancing (I am really not a very good dancer. Bahaha.) AND make a Q & A video answering any question anyone wanted me to answer (as long as it was tasteful).  I reached my goal!  Actually I exceeded my goal and have raised $410 so far and there is still 39 days till the walk! (for anyone interested, if you go to the Congenital Heart Walk website, click on Central Texas, then scroll down you will see Team Hopeful Hearts which is my team… I am the team captain of course).  Of course, most people on my Facebook friends list know me really well and do not have much to ask me, so I thought I would a great idea to ask you all if you had any questions you would like me to answer… especially since I had planned to do a Q & A video answering any questions my blog followers in the near future anyways.  I will post my Q & A video here on my blog, though my dancing video will just be for friends and family (sorry! Lol.).  So, does anyone have any questions for me?  It can be about my heart, my childhood, my adulthood so far, hobbies, my dad, my family in general, random things like my favorite color, etc… anything really.  1…2…3…Go!  Ask away!

I plan on doing the Q & A video in the next week or two.  So, it will be a few weeks till I post it, but I wanted to give people some time to ask questions and time for me to think about the answers.

Ok, that is all for now.  Heart Hugs to all!  I hope you all are enjoying my boring posts.  Haha.

Take Care,




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